due to the coronavirus,

our show is postponed until

2021. please notify us

if you have not yet received

a refund for your 2020 ticket.

"Now it's a Mother's Day Eve tradition for us girlfriends --cocktails, dinner, Listen To Your Mother show!"

"Listening to these people tell their stories made me want to write down my mother's story, too. I'm glad I did. I gave it to my kids, and they'll have it for a long time".

"We take our mom to this show every year. It's the best way we know to celebrate being a mother!"


Mother's Day gift.


"It's a big-city production in our smallish city. But the best thing about it is that it helps Rochester's kids!"

"We go out after the show and talk about our favorite stories." 

"This is the first event I'm planning on going to after my third delivery. I haven't missed it in five years, and I'm not going to miss it this year!"

"It was so gratifying--

so validating--to hear someone tell "my" story.

Even though I wasn't the one up there speaking,

I felt like I  

 was finally heard."

"There were stories that

made me laugh and a few

that made me tear up. It

was wild to look around the

audience and see people

nodding when they

shared a 'moment'

with the performer."