Cast Spotlight: Christine Morris



Christine received her B.A. in English from the College of the Holy Cross and wore what her mother deemed “a smart blue suit” to a job interview. She landed “between the lions” at the New York Public Library, where she logged lots of miles navigating that two-city-blocks-long landmark. She headed up the coast to work at a social service agency in Boston and spent many Saturday nights in her twenties as a telephone counselor for Boston’s Parental Stress Line.


Christine worked on the Communications team at United Way of Greater Rochester, spent 10+ years at home with her three children, Fiona (15), Annabeth (13) and John (11), and currently spends her days at a cooperative nursery school, promoting good vibes among three and four year olds. She has been married to her husband Jim for 16 years and remembers very clearly the first time their eyes met.  


What do you love about Rochester?

My husband and I love to kick-start the summer by walking downtown to the Jazz Festival with our kids. We have fun weaving through the crowd on Gibbs Street to catch a glimpse of the open air “Jazz Street Stage” acts, stepping into RoCo to gaze at the floor to ceiling artistry of the 6X6 exhibit (and vote on our favorites), waiting in line at the food trucks for a shared taste of poutine, catching Trombone Shorty’s act, and happily heading for home, crossing over the Clinton Avenue pedestrian walkway with our fellow Jazz Fest pilgrims.


I love the crowds that turn out in the Highland Park neighborhood to cheer on the Flower City Half Marathon runners as they make their way up the Goodman Street hill. 


  The cowbell noisemakers, the megaphones, the DJ, the kids high-fiving the runners, the inspiring messages magic-markered onto poster board, the determined athletes drinking in the affirmations from the crowd…It is a spirit-lifting sight!


On warm nights, my husband and I like to sit under the tendrils of hops at Swiftwater Brewing Company. He favors a flight of four; I am partial to the IPA #9.  


What piece of writing has moved or inspired you?

Soon after my first child was born, a friend gave me a gift subscription to a literary magazine called Brain, Child. Each essay was so well-crafted and tightly executed that I traded sleep for quiet moments with those beautifully written pieces. I felt fortified by those writers.    


I tend to lean toward a “micro” approach to literature. I am reminded