Charity Spotlight: The Society for the Protection & Care of Children


Listen To Your Mother, Rochester is honored to be raising money for The Society for the Protection and Care of Children. Below, the fine staff at SPCC has provided more about what they do, and how YOU can help!



143 years ago there were no laws to protect children and child abuse was widely ignored. In fact, there were laws to protect animals before anyone thought children needed to be kept safe as well. Eventually, one little girl from New York City, Mary Ellen, captured the heart of concerned neighbors when they became aware that she was being was being horribly abused. These neighbors joined together and enlisted the help of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, arguing that children should be entitled to the same protections as animals. Eventually the courts agreed. Mary Ellen was rescued and she came to live in Rochester where she lived out a long, safe and happy life. Rochester’s SPCC was formed to ensure her safety thus becoming the first non-profit agency in the nation focused on child abuse prevention.  From that point on, Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children began to emerge across the nation and internationally.


Today, many of the 7,000 children and families that SPCC serves have endured unthinkable trauma, violence, poverty and loss. We believe that protecting children and supporting families in times of need is the greatest challenge and honor. We are able to help these children and their families heal by partnering with others who care about children and are willing to give of themselves to make children’s lives safer and happier. The LTYM Rochester community has become one of our most valued partners and we thank you for joining us in this incredibly important work.


For those of you who have never heard of SPCC, or as a reminder to those of you who have, we want to share some information to help you feel connected to this important work.


SPCC’s Mission


SPCC’s mission is to respectfully partner with families as we advocate for the health, safety and protection of children, work to heal and strengthen relationships within the family, and seek to empower parents to support their children

SPCC Services

All of SPCC’s programs are designed to help children and families overcome tragedies and challenges so they can realize their potential, develop hope for their future, achieve their goals, and in turn support their children to do the same. SPCC offers programs that provide therapy, case management, parenting education and support, visitation, and basic needs.

  • Teen-Age Parent Support Services (TAPSS) offers intensive individual and group support for at-risk pregnant and parenting teens, age 21 and under. Home Visitors address areas such as health, parenting, relationships, housing, employment, education and concrete needs to improve family functioning and child well-being. Weekly groups offer support, education, socialization, leadership development and parenting skills training. There is a strong focus on building self-sufficiency through education, finding and maintaining quality employment and work/career experiences with local businesses. TAPSS helps young parents with setting and achieving both short and long-term goals leading to a healthy and productive life for they and their children.

  • Family Trauma Intervention Program (FTIP) is a child focused, home-based program providing a wide array of services for children and families who have experienced trauma especially domestic violence, grief and loss. Individualized, home-based counseling helps address the child’s emotional needs, strengthen parent child relationships and assist parents in addressing issues of domestic violence, trauma and/or loss while also developing mo