Cast Spotlight: Meet Jane Knickerbocker


“'Jane, my dream for you is that you never have kids. It was the biggest mistake of my life.'


Mom drew on her Winston Light, gazing into the middle distance with what seemed like longing. It looked like she might be envisioning the joy that a childless life might bring.


She exhaled a cloud of smoke into my face and said flatly, 'You know, before I had kids, I was a singer on the radio.' She sighed, took a sip of her Schlitz and turned her attention back to her TV show."



Jane Knickerbocker is a marketing communications professional, writer, and musician. She volunteers with Causewave Community Partners, making communities stronger by bringing voice to diverse public issues and needs. Jane is a single mom to two hilarious sons, Kyle and Evan, who have survived and thrived despite having a “bad mom” with virtually no domestic skills. Since they both left home for college, she’s had no excuse but to finally pursue her dream of writing creative non-fiction. Her idol is David Sedaris, and her blog, “Just Jane,” ( features musings on strange occurrences involving bumper stickers, scissors, greeting cards, and beach balls.

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