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This year, it's your turn. 

Roc The Mic is taking a year to re-evaluate and recharge. 

Of course, we miss you already. To honor the sacred spaces we have shared since 2015--where so many brave people have shared with hundreds and hundreds of audience members their stories of motherhood, we want to make Mother's Day 2023 a day of quiet storytelling.


On Sunday, May 14th {Mother's Day}, we will be publishing a number of stories submitted by YOU about motherhood. 

These stories will appear on our website for a limited time and will be made available to both RTM subscribers and broader reading audiences online. 


To be considered for the 2023 Listen story season, submissions must: 

 * Be no longer than 750 words

 * Be about some kind of a mother (not necessarily your own, and not necessarily in a biological sense)

 * Be written by people ages 18 and over. Writers 17 and younger will need to submit parental consent with their stories. 

 * Be thoughtfully written and carefully edited.

Writing that is concise, descriptive, relatable, and expressive is best. We love lyrical, comical, serious, reflective, etc. writing too--but above all, your story must be TRUE. (No one is checking for historical accuracy.) Your story is your unique experience, so we hope to hear a unique perspective.


Please use our submission form below. You will be notified by April 30th about your piece. Published writers and audiences (readers) alike will be asked to make a voluntary, modest donation to the Society for the Protection and Care of Children. 

2023 RTM Story Submission Form

Please read our submission requirements above prior to sending. Deadline: March 30, 2023. 

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