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Testimonials: Listeners speak

"Listening to these people tell their stories made me want to write down my mother's story, too. I'm glad I did. I gave it to my kids, and they'll have it for a long time".

"Now it's a Mother's Day Eve tradition for us girlfriends --cocktails, dinner, Listen To Your Mother show!"

"...Best Mother's Day gift.


"We take our mom to this show every year. It's the best way we know to celebrate being a mother!"

"We go out after the show and talk about our favorite stories." 

"This is the first event I'm planning on going to after my third delivery. I haven't missed it in five years, and I'm not going to miss it this year!"

"It's a big-city production in our smallish city. But the best thing about it is that it helps Rochester's kids!"

"There were stories that

made me laugh and a few

that made me tear up. It

was wild to look around the

audience and see people

nodding when they

shared a 'moment'

with the performer."

"It was so gratifying--

so validating--to hear someone tell "my" story.

Even though I wasn't the one up there speaking,

I felt like I was finally heard."

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