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Tracy Nemecek

The Circle Of Life

Tracy Nemecek is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor currently working in private practice. As an undergraduate, she majored in Psychology and English, and discovered that bibliotherapy (the application of storytelling, reading, and literature as sources of healing) is the perfect nexus between her interests in people and stories. In her counseling work, she has applied bibliotherapy, cognitive- behavioral therapy, and psychoeducation to assist children, teens, and adults in both private practice and school settings to learn more about themselves, set and achieve realistic goals, and strengthen their coping skills.

Tracy is passionate about social-emotional learning and the use of both stories and storytelling to promote intrapersonal and interpersonal understanding. She would like to thank Phil, Maya and Calla for helping to create and maintain the family chemistry that makes space for love, support, acceptance, and uniqueness.

Tracy Nemecek
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