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2023 cast & stories


This year, even though we couldn't be in person, we wanted to share stories that otherwise would have made their way to you live! We sure do miss you: nothing beats being together in one auditorium, creating sacred spaces together for people to share their truths. 

These stories, presented in various media, are as moving and run the emotional spectrum. Let our 2023 Listen To Your Mother, Rochester Cast Members take you on an unforgettable journey of storytelling and connection. 

We invite you to read, listen, and watch these stories at your leisure, and to visit them again when you need a good cry, a laugh, or a lesson. 

And of course, as always, like Mom always says: it's nice to share! Encourage your friends and family to listen too. 


                         This year, in lieu of ticket sales, we're asking you to kindly support Rochester's Society for the Protection and Care of Children with a direct donation: Thanks for helping Rochester's families  to get the services they need. 

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