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Kimberley Prinsen

Sometimes our moms don't have the powers we wish they had to fight the bad guys--but they know how to make us feel seen. In this story, Kimberley Prinsen stitches together the pain of trauma with the fabric of her relationship with her mother. (Note: this story contains themes of sexual abuse.)

Kimberley Is a native of South Florida but made Rochester her home 23 years ago.  Born into a family of creatives and writers, rich with stories, she spent all of her family gatherings listening to the same stories again and again.

This taught her that sharing our stories is healing for ourselves and others, as well as being a place of connection.

In finding her path to author her own story, her journaling is turning into a compilation of personal essays that will be her memoir. While Kimberley has been writing since the 1980's, this is the first time she is sharing her work with the public. She hopes to pass storytelling on to her 18-year-old daughter whose creative talents include singing and acting but is also a gifted writer.

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Waiting For Wonder Woman

Story text forthcoming.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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