Help a mom 

please help these moms feel extra special in their time of greatest need due to covid-19

Simone Gordon, aka The Black Fairy Godmother, has raised thousands for women in need all over the country. This Mother's Day, RTM is partnering with Simone to help these women feel loved and supported. If you're able, please donate! Kindness wins. 


Georgina is a mom in Louisiana who is hoping to have a couch to sit on with her seven kids.
She has never had one in her house.
"A Mother's Day Surprise for outstanding woman who needs fresh start." 


Vonnie P. has recently lost her job due to Covid-19.
She is recently divorced, and has three young children. 


Tia is an essential worker and a single mom of two kids. She needs a laptop for her kids to be able to keep up with their school work. Please contact for shipping details.