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It's almost that time. . . we'll be announcing our March AUDITION DATES for the Listen To Your Mother Rochester 2018 show REALLY SOON! (I know--so exciting, right? WRITE!)

If you've always wanted to write down a story about your mom, or about being a mom, or any true story about motherhood that deserves to be shared with others, auditions gives you the opportunity to do just that!

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Below, you can find out more about what the audition process looks like and how to prepare for it.

You may also want to subscribe to our site to stay informed about when and where auditions will be held. (Our sign-up spaces tend to fill up quickly!)


We welcome absolutely everyone! Our show has featured both men and women of all backgrounds and ages. We are inclusive and we are happy to accommodate your needs.


Three producers: Sally, Corrie, and Monica. We're all compassionate, patient, open-minded, sensitive, and grateful women who will probably want to give you a hug (especially if you need one) after you read for us.

We host auditions in a judgement-free space. We have tissues, water, and mints for you. We want to make you as comfortable as possible--after all, we know that you've worked hard to write down your story.


A memory. A tribute. A story about that time you were so frustrated/ proud/ nervous/ terrified/ ecstatic/ forlorn/ hopeful. About that time you wish you had... or hadn't.... About the worst thing you ever said to your mom/kid. About the best advice you ever heard. About that time that has stuck with you for years; the first time you.... Stories about the wonders, joys, worries, and woes of Motherhood--in all its glory and messiness. Your story just needs to be TRUE. (And about five minutes long.)

Our show has featured narrative prose and narrative poetry.

The best stories are relatable, accessible, and well-edited.

Wanna see and hear some stories? Click here!


1. Write your story down. Funny, heartwarming, cry-your-eyes-out... whether it's a memory or story about your own mom, a tribute to a partner who's a great (or terrible!) mom, becoming a mom, not becoming a mom, or being one, WE WANT TO HEAR IT. For some examples of what LTYM stories have sounded like, visit our YouTube channel.

2. Stories should be about five minutes in length when read aloud.(We cannot help you edit prior to auditions. Sorry.) We suggest reading your piece aloud a few times before auditions.

3. SIGN UP! Our audition sign-up will be live later this month!

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