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Dear 2022 LTYMR Production Team: Walt, Christine, Terri, Taylor, & Erin,

So many emotions come with producing this show. Pardon my using a cliche, but it fits: making this show happen is a labor of love.

You are giving countless hours to preparing, auditioning, listening, listening, listening, selecting, organizing, bringing together, nurturing, honing, soliciting, marketing, talking, and more.

There are moments of magic that only you will have been privy to. A reader, courageously auditioning for the second, third, and even fourth time. A performer who managed to tell her extraordinary tale of motherhood and heartbreak during auditions, but who could hardly recover during the read-through. The moments where strangers genuinely connect. When stories allow people in the room to connect with each other. When stories leave us without words. When words leave us without breath.

Somehow, you took on this enormous task during a pandemic, and produced the show not once, but twice. You have made it work because you understand how important it is. You are miraculous.

Thank you, thank you for seeing this beautiful production through and creating a vibrant, exciting show that we all cannot wait to listen to on Saturday night.



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