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Julie Burns reads "Perfect Births"

It's World Down Syndrome Day, and we're honoring LTYMR alum Julie Burns and her son, Cole today. Julie writes,

"Happy National Down syndrome day!! To all the Beautiful Souls with an Extra Chromosome..... The world needs more of you. We need more Love. We need more Compassion. We need more Humanity. . . .

When Cole was born, I knew he was perfect just the way he was. So to 46ers who have told me "I'm sorry" or asked if I "keep him at home" or looked at me with THOSE eyes to say how hard or difficult life must be..... You can't imagine how grateful I am to have this little guy. He's my daily reminder of what we could be if we focused on what was truly important. Every day. Full heart. We haven't even begun to realize our potential for goodness. I hope some day we do. We need more extra chromosomes in this world not less....."

Listen to Julie's story here.

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