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Stories Converge, Lives Change: What happens at a FIRST READ-THROUGH

Between auditions and showtime is one of our favorite days of the season: the moment our new cast comes together for the first time to meet and to hear one another's stories.

The first read-through gives cast members a chance to schmooze over bagels (thanks to sponsor Balsam Bagels), fruit, coffee, and tea for a little while, until it's time to settle at the table for notes and readings.

Then, the magic happens.

With each story, our readers peel away a little more of an ache that gave rise to a story that needed to be told. We grow closer as each experience breathes in words and air and voice; even in the pauses each reader takes between sentences and words, we hold our collective breath, wondering how the story will resolve.

Some of us have never told their story aloud until this day. Some of us had never dared write it, until a call for auditions beckoned the story to the surface.

We pass each other tissues, water, chocolate. We put hands on each other's

shoulders in gestures of comfort and empathy. We encourage, we laugh, we are emboldened by one another. We are amazed by one another; together, we have created a united force of truth, giving Motherhood shape with our stories.

Tickets are still on sale! Visit to get yours today for our MAY 12th performance!

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