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Cast Spotlight: Jocelyn Wolff

Jocelyn lives in Brighton with her 3 challenging but wonderful children – Sydney (9), Talia (7), and Jonah (4). She grew up in Manlius, NY, and after undergraduate work at Binghamton and law school in Buffalo, she settled in Rochester 14 years ago. She has learned to love (or happily tolerate) the winter by spending much of it outdoors playing paddle tennis, and she enjoys most other forms of athletics and fitness as well. Jocelyn is quick to declare she “isn’t a writer” (ha!) yet she has consistently found her way to a blank page. She finds the logic and process of placing ideas and words together to convey a story remarkably satisfying.

What brought you to LTYM?

Signing up to audition for LTYM provided the motivation to refine my words and an opportunity to voice my story. What I love about the show is it gives us a chance to see humanity in so many forms – the challenges, the celebrations, the humor, and the frustrations. Motherhood, however it has touched us, provides the common thread, yet the stories become this amazingly diversified patchwork of authenticity of experience through prose. I am beyond thrilled to be part of this show!

What piece of writing has moved or inspired you?

This quote by Anais Nin – “And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” I have this on a piece of artwork and it embodies so much of my story, hopefully others as well. Taking chances in life to find happiness – to find what moves us and inspires us and makes us want to be better humans, to not remain stagnant and complacent – is hard. But facing our fear and reluctance to do so is how we grow and how we forge our path to self-acceptance and true happiness.

Favorite parenting moment?

Lately, our conversation jar at the dinner table. Beyond the questions that elicit rote responses (“how was school today?” or “who did you sit with at lunch?”), we take turns asking questions from the jar which require thought and provide insight into my kids’ minds and hearts.

They are questions such as “when do you feel loved?” and “what are three things that make you proud of yourself?” In their age-appropriate ways, I can get glimpses into their young souls as they start to articulate who they are and what is important to them as little people navigating the world. I also love when I see moments of affection between my children when they don’t know I’m watching – an arm casually strewn over another’s shoulder while they’re watching TV on the couch or when they grab each other’s hand to walk away from me into a new situation – I hope they always feel the security of having each other to face life and whatever they’re walking into together.

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