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Sponsor Spotlight: Debra Wallace Photography

We are so thrilled to have Debra Wallace Photography

as a sponsor again this year. Deb has been with Listen to Your Mother, Rochester since the beginning in 2015, taking portraits of the cast and production team, candids during rehearsal, and documenting the performance. Her photos are stunning and capture the true moments and meaning of this show so well. She is truly a part of the LTYM family and we are so grateful for her generosity in capturing each unique cast for us!

In addition to her incredible photography business, Deb also home-schools her children, and has started a zero waste blog! She is truly a wonder!

Do take a moment to check out her site, and here you can learn even more about her, like the fact that she studied ASL for many years and her photography business is a deaf-friendly business!

Here is what Deb says about what Listen to Your Mother means to her:

It's been an honor to be a part of LTYM since the very beginning. First, feeling mostly like an observer, and then later being loved into the community when my son passed away a month before the 2017 show. It was that love and support of the LTYM community that helped me finally "get" the purpose of Listen to Your Mother and the power of story in bringing people together. I can unequivocally say that being a part of the show - even just as the photographer, is a huge bright spot in my year, and is something I look forward to with great anticipation and excitement. Thanks for helping us capture another LTYM season through your gorgeous images Deb!

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