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Cast Spotlight: Meet Michielia Phillips

"When we finally got done with chores it was around 4’ o clock. Grandma would say

'Don’t let the street lights beat you home!

'And don’t go in anyone’s house!'

I hated that rule and broke it often.

But one day I didn’t hear grandma calling my name-- And when I went home my brother said 'Ooooh, you going to get it!'”


Michielia Phillips (credit: Debra Wallace Photography)


As a young mother (of a now 12 year old sour patch kid) I was sure enough not going to let statistics stop me. I graduated high school and college and decided to walk the path and become the people who helped me. I love reading, writing and traveling in my spare time, so much so that I am currently training to be a travel agent and will be finished in less than a month.

I am usually one to stay in my comfort zone but I have decided to stop being afraid and just do it!


Michielia Phillips's beautiful tribute to her strict but loving and supportive grandmother is one of thirteen stories of Motherhood you'll hear on May 11th at the Hochstein Performance Hall. Tickets available here.


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