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Cast Spotlight: Meet Terri Pease

"[It] weighs heavy on my heart every day. When it first happened I was dumbfounded and shell shocked. I wanted to take to my bed – indefinitely – until it was no longer true. I still think to myself, “this can’t possibly be happening; it can’t possibly be true.” But it is. And if being excluded from her life isn’t hard enough, our estrangement excludes me from the lives of my grandchildren as well."



Terri Pease has been a Rochester resident for most of her life, and currently enjoys living in the Highland Park area. She hopes the thousands of Lilac Festival attendees don’t stand in the way of her being here tonight! Terri is the Mother of two daughters, age 20 and 27, and has two grandchildren. Terri proudly just celebrated her 30-year anniversary at Nixon Peabody LLP. She is a member of the Spiritus Christi Gospel Choir, and has recently taken an interest in leading personal finance classes. She’s got a personal library of books she’s reading her way through, has always enjoyed writing, and is delighted to be a member of this special 2019 LTYM cast.


Come hear Terri share her story about what estrangement from her daughter--and her own mother--really feels like.

Join us on May 11th at 7:30 in the Hochstein Performance Hall. Tickets available here.

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