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Sponsor Spotlight: Debra Wallace Photography

Meet Deb Wallace: She's a homeschooling mama, zero-waste expert, photography phenom, and all this while tending to her not-so-newborn baby. Do you see that calm, gentle smile Deb wields? She's really like that. Enviably calm. We appreciate this when we're especially frantic during production season!

Deb has been making the Listen To Your Mother, Rochester Production Team and Casts look fabulous since 2015, and we're proud to work with such a creative, flexible, patient, and talented woman who totally understands what our show's mission is all about.

Deb specializes in newborn and family portraits, and her extensive work features local, stunning, scenic backdrops. Please take some time to look at her work here, and then book her for your next family photo or whatever and whomever you hope to capture (she does it all--senior portraits, head-shots, and more)!

For all you do and have done for so many:

THANK YOU, Debra Wallace!

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