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Cast Spotlight: Meet Susan Hynds

"As a young girl, I would sit in the back seat of our red Studebaker convertible, perched on the armrest, as boys with cigarettes rolled in shirt sleeves would whistle at my mother, who dangled her wedding ring casually out the window as she sped on by.

"While Richard Burton was romancing Elizabeth Taylor in the tabloids, my mother was starring in my confirmation picture, sporting six-inch heels, a picture hat, a form-fitting sheath dress, and a cigarette daintily poised between her fingers."


Susan Hynds

Susan Hynds


Susan Hynds is a Professor Emerita and former director of the English Education program at Syracuse University. She listened to her mother at the age of eighteen and became a high school English teacher, and later, a teacher educator—decisions she has never regretted. During her university career, she has published seven books and several articles about literacy and its teaching in urban settings. In retirement, she enjoys improvisational singing, drumming, yoga, jewelry making, playing the ukulele, and writing.

This is her first foray into literary nonfiction.

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