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Cast Spotlight: Meet Taylor Terrance

"At first, watching mom is kind of boring.

She easily figures out how to paddle on both sides of the kayak. She gets into a nice rhythm.

Then: A gift from God."



Taylor Terrance has been writing since the age of nine. She is a freelance writer for a web-marketing agency and posts humorous family essays on Facebook under Taylor_T_Rants. She hopes to turn this collection of essays into a book. A web-ordained minister, she wrote and officiated her first wedding ceremony last summer. She is a 2013 graduate of Second City Chicago’s Comedy Writing Program.

While her seven delicious nieces and nephews help exorcise her maternal demons, she is also the proud owner of two strong, beautiful eyebrows that she’s fretted over since birth. (If SNL offers up her dream job as the Weekend Update anchor, eyebrows are easier to abandon than children.)

She credits Uncle Gil for teaching her to read, Camille Perlo for cultivating her knack for creative writing, and both of them for giving her the keys to the kingdom.

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