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Cast Spotlight: Meet Maxfield Orr

"I was a depressed and angry teenager, just as lost as to how I could support my mother as she was me. Looking back now, I know she was putting all her energy into survival. Almost every night I would hear her footsteps as she circled the house, lighting candles and casting her quiet spells. My mother’s magic was a form of protection. We were always safe."



Maxfield Orr is a California native (yes, the weather sucks here) and a queer writer, aspiring gardener, sign language interpreter, and storyteller. When he isn’t working, Max is most likely to be found collaging the envelope of a handwritten letter to a long distance friend, scrolling longingly through the dog section of, or attending a party only to leave 45 minutes later because he is tired. He currently lives in Rochester with his wonderful partner and their many plants.


You can hear Maxfield tell about his magical mother and their story of survival on May 11th at the Hochstein Performance Hall, 7:30 p.m. Tickets available here.

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