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Sponsor Spotlight: Genesee Regional Bank

As a locally owned community bank, Genesee Regional Bank (GRB) is dedicated to growing Rochester. The money deposited with GRB stays here in the form of loans to help local businesses thrive. The company helps residents buy homes and establishes roots in the community, and it supports local organizations that make Rochester a better place. At GRB, its mission is woven into the fabric of our community.

For GRB, the relationship its people have with its customers is the most important thing. GRB customers enjoy a level of personalized service simply not found at other banks. They call this “The GRB Experience.”

GRB Vice President and Marketing Director Stacey Michaels says, “We are empowered to think differently and build relationships that support our customers’ success. We provide a unique banking experience and add significant value to area businesses and individuals.”

This is GRB’s second year sponsoring Listen to Your Mother, Rochester, and it is doing so at the very generous Megaphone sponsorship level.

Stacey adds, “Listen to Your Mother provides a great opportunity to support a wonderfully creative event that highlights the strength and talent of people in the Rochester community, and it provides fundraising for an organization that does so much good—the Society for the Protection and Care of Children.”

The idea of community giving and community involvement is not new to GRB. In fact, they are one of the best examples of this type of community support in our city. When asked why GRB places such an emphasis here, Stacey said:

“We are fond of saying that GRB team members offer time, talent and treasure here in the Rochester area. We take an active role in supporting a number of organizations financially, but the true impact we make is centered on our people being active participants in organizations and events that benefit the community at large. We understand the Rochester community at a grassroots level and really focus on ways that we can make it a better place to live and work.”

For more information, visit GRB.

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