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Cast Spotlight: Meet Marvelous Marvin

"I only seen my mother working her hands to the bone just to make a couple dollars and then be broke again before the weekend was over. She spent all she had to try and keep our family afloat.

I remember one day when my mother found out I was living the fast life and she sat me down and tried to guide me.

She said money isn't everything and the company you keep paints the person you are."



Currently a middle school creative writing teacher, Marvelous Marvin is a lyricist that's not afraid to show it. He is also the founder and president of a mentoring and performing youth group I.T.A.V (It takes a village) He has rocked shows and amazed crowds in a number of states and venues up and down the east coast and most recent out west. With his versatility and way with words, He appeals to any crowd. His style is unique- His delivery is unforgettable!

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